How to Handmade Crochet Carnation

by Adminlovercrochetflower on Sep 26, 2022

How to Handmade Crochet Carnation

Mother, the one who gives us life and nurtures us to grow up

The most important person in our lives

So on Mother's Day every year

Don't forget to send blessings to mom
Freeze the mother's love, and remember the beauty!

So today I share Carnation Crochet Illustration


R1-R4 16F

R5 16FW

R6 48FW

R7 144 (X, 3ch)


R1 6X

R2 6V

R3 6(X.V)

R4-11 18X

R12 3ch, unfinished long needle, unfinished long needle, 3ch after taking two unfinished long needles, pull out. Repeat 6 times

flower leaves

R1 16ch

R2 Add iron wire and down 2 to start hooking 14×, (2X, dog tooth pull

Needle, x), 14x