Handmade Crochet Rose Bouquet丨Pattern

by Adminlovercrochetflower on Sep 26, 2022

Handmade Crochet Rose Bouquet丨Pattern

I've been busy making all kinds of flowers lately 😊😊,

Today's is the never-fading rose 🌹🌹 crochet rose, which represents eternal love, blessing, love, and looking forward to a beautiful love, starting with roses.

How to Crochet a Bouquet of Flowers

Let me share with you how to make our crochet roses and patterns.


Thread: five strands of milk cotton, can crochet 3.5cm crochet

Accessories: No. 2 flower rod, 1mm iron wire (the leftover from hooking the rabbit ears before, you can choose a thinner iron wire if you have the conditions)


R1: 53-pin braid needle

R2: Invert 2 back hook 52 short stitches

R3: Hook 3 stitches and braid stitches as one long stitch, 2 lock stitches (that is, 5CH), one long stitch, and 2 empty short stitches. The above is a group of patterns, repeat to the end

R4: Hook 3 stitches as a long stitch, in the hole formed by 2 lock stitches in the previous row, 1 long stitch, 2 lock stitches, 2 long stitches, the above is a group of patterns, repeat to the end.

R5: 1 stitch lock stitch, turn it over, hook 8F in the hole formed by every 2ch in the previous row as a petal, then pull it out in the gap next to it, continue the cycle, and add 5F to the last petal (that is, the last hole is 8 +5=13F), after hooking, pull it out in the hole next to it, break the wire, bend the top of the flower stem a little, fix the flower and flower stem together with hot melt glue, and wrap the flower shape.


R1: loop up 20 long needles

R2: 3CH, then hook 3F

R3: 3CH, 2F

R4: 2CH, 1F

R4: 2CH, disconnected (the above is a group of patterns), the next group will be re-wired with hooks, a total of 5 groups


R1: 15ch, inverted second hook (add iron wire)

X, T, 2F, 2E, 2G, 2E, 2F, T, W, sl

Symmetrical stitches on opposite stitches finish T, 2F, 2E, 2G, 2E, 2F, T, X, sl

R2: (X, 2ch) Repeat, hook to the middle stitch of the corner (X, 3ch pull dog tooth, x), continue 2CH, X, finish hooking to the end, leave the thread, sew and hide the wire✨✨